Dear Woman in Midlife,

It can be scary to witness the changes in your body as you age, especially when they come at the same time as changes in life circumstances, trauma, or loss.

Popular media reinforces negativity with portraits of midlife women as irritable and unattractive, or worse, sidelined and irrelevant.

If you feel your confidence falter you are not alone.


Common symptoms midlife women face are

Weight gain
Hot Flashes
Empty nest syndrome
Heavy periods
Irritability and fed-upness
Aching joints
Digestive pain and bloating
Hair loss
Recurring bladder infections
Vaginal Dryness
Insulin resistance
Caring for aging parents
Job loss or restructuring
Separation and divorce
Grief and loss
Difficulty with concentration
Fibrocystic breast

It’s not all bad news. I don’t believe that we only have power and beauty when we are younger. I don’t believe our best days are over. There are natural ways to regain our health and vitality. There is so much good to embrace in this stage of our lives.


The truth is:Midlife is a powerful stage of life when the experience and knowledge of many decades evolve into new depths of understanding, self-expression and freedom.


But believe me, I understand the despair. Several years ago I went through a traumatic end to my marriage. After 20 years together my husband shocked me by leaving suddenly to be with a younger co-worker. The big recession hit, my clients lost their jobs and my practice took a dive.

All this while my hormones went through their biggest change since adolescence. Upheaval was both within and without and brought me face to face with the question of my worth.

I was standing on the rim of the pit of depression and despair. The view was familiar because as a teen I had fallen in that dark pit and it took me years to get back out again.</p?

In my 20s, 30s and 40s I explored many health and personal development practices so that I would never fall that low again. I studied bodywork, nutrition, meditation, yoga philosophy, permaculture, nature connection, creativity and healing rituals.

When I looked down into that pit of despair in midlife, I was able to step away from the edge and put into practice all I had learned. Gradually the light returned and I created a new, rich life full of blessings, love and possibilities.

The truth is Midlife Women are:




group-of-mixed-womenThe truth is:
We are at the prime of our lives

Many of us, however, lack the kind of support that helps us harness the power of this special time.

In traditional societies, elders are revered for their wisdom, and middle-aged women look forward to this special status. In these cultures women experience very few symptoms of menopause.

Because we don’t have broad cultural support, we have to be extra strong, more prepared and very clear about our value as midlife women.

When we have the right mindset, tools and support, the midlife years are an extraordinary passage, and not a long season of despair.

anasuya_photoI’m Anasuya Basil. I’m here to help you renew your being and come out of this experience, not just on top of your life, but empowered to be a beacon of light in your neighborhood, your community and your world.

I created a unique coaching program called,
Midlife Renewal Coaching for Women
that blends five key powerful lifestyle practices:

Midlife_Renewal-Nature Midlife_Renewal-Nutrition Midlife_Renewal-Bodywork Midlife_Renewal-Creativity Midlife_Renewal-RIght-Of-Passage

With my support, you will deeply nourish your body and soul – releasing the discomforts and grief associated with the midlife years.


In addition, you will learn to…

  • Revitalize your brain
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Rebalance hormones
  • Stabilize moods and energy
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Manage weight
  • Connect with your wisdom
  • Become grounded, calm and confident.

By rebuilding the energy you gave away in the first half of your life, you can create a phenomenal second half of life that expresses your best talents and gifts.

The Midlife Renewal Coaching for Women Program includes:

• Re-visioning Your Midlife Session
• Love Your Midlife Body Assessment
• Blood chemistry lab analysis
• A 3-4 page printed diet and lifestyle plan
• Implementation strategy session
green_leaf_icon-right• Multiple one-on-one accountability meetings with Anasuya
• Quick questions support via email between meetings

Your Customized Program May Include:

Design Your Midlife Renewal

Design Your Midlife Renewal

  • • Assess your current health and life stressors
  • • Identify key areas that need the most attention
  • • Consider possibilities for a positive midlife experience
  • • Establish new thought habits that support your vision

1 - Midlife_Renewal_Icon_Nature_216x216

Relax and Revive Your Mind With Nature Connection

  • • Affirm your own history of nature connection
  • • Outline areas for a deeper dive whether it’s gardening, pet communication, birds, tracking, tree awareness, or sky observation
  • • Establish nature routines that are fun and easy

2 - Midlife_Renewal_Icon_Nutrition_216x216

Transform Your Body With Nutrition

  • • Set personalized nutrition goals that feel do-able
  • • Identify nutrition bandits that steal hormone balance
  • • Clear your pantry and stock delicious alternatives
  • • Experiment with simple recipes
  • • Incorporate booster foods and supplements to enhance your energy

3 - Midlife_Renewal_Icon_Bodywork_216x216

Become Sensually Embodied Through Bodywork

  • • Follow guided meditations to harness the power of your mind to release discomforts in specific organs and tissues
  • • Practice self-acupressure routines for relieving pain, enhancing hormonal balance and reducing anxiety
  • • Learn tips for enhancing your experience of bodywork so that you receive a full body sense of relaxation and increased body confidence
  • • Bring your enhanced awareness of your body into movement for greater agility and grace

4 - Midlife_Renewal_Icon_Creativity_216x216

Find Your Creative Groove

  • • Review your current relationship with your creativity
  • • Identify a simple creative goal
  • • Ease the burden of the critical mind
  • • Increase the sensation of flow and joy

5 - Midlife_Renewal_Icon_RiteOfPassage_216x216

Create Your Midlife Ceremony

  • • Clarify the themes and meaning of the life chapter that ended and the new one that is starting
  • • Solidify the wisdom and insight of your midlife years
  • • Plan a rite of passage ceremony that feels fun and comfortable for you
  • • Experience the support and acknowledgement of your circle of family, friends and community

Who Is This Program For?

This program will work best for women who

  • …want to go deeper into personal understanding and discovery
  • …are willing to try new and innovative approaches
  • …are determined not to give in to society’s idea that we are “over the hill.”
This program is NOT suited for women who

  • …want a band-aid solution for health issues
  • …believe that successful aging is about looking younger, so that people will like us
  • …are unable to allocate any time, energy or resources for creating change
If you don’t get the support you need during midlife,
you might have these common problems:

  • • Feeling depressed and anxious about getting older
  • • Discounting or ignoring your own inner wisdom
  • • Saying “no” to your power and creativity
  • • Putting up with uncomfortable symptoms that drag you down
  • • Increasing your risk of serious health problems as you age
  • • Disconnecting from yourself and your community

Don’t miss out on the support you need to make your midlife transition the most amazing and positive transformation of your life!


About Anasuya Basil, NC, Dipl. ABT, CST

anasuya-basil-calm-and-collected-coach-250pxI am especially drawn to working with women in life transitions and recovering from traumas. I attained certification in CranioSacral Therapy, Acupressure, and Holistic Nutrition so that I could support women to navigate painful times and come out feeling significantly better.

During my 40s I taught regular workshops on menopause at the Acupressure Institute while simultaneously going through my own physical, mental and emotional changes of perimenopause. This experience heightened my awareness and deepened my understanding of this special time in a woman’s life.

Then, in my late 40s, I experienced family upheavals, an assault, and the end of my marriage. It was terrible, but I was determined to rise from the ashes, and so I put into practice what I had learned from decades of studying yoga, meditation, healing rituals, nutrition, bodywork, permaculture, nature connection, creativity, and self-expression.

I emerged stronger and happier than ever before, and I am now committed to empowering women in midlife to harvest the potent gifts of this transformative stage.

In my professional life, I’ve been featured in national media including The Huffington Post, Massage, and Massage & Bodywork, and in local media including “Good Day Sacramento” (CBS), Capitol Public Radio (NPR), and Fox News. I’ve taught at leading complementary and alternative healthcare schools, including the Acupressure Institute and Bauman College, and I was a certified teaching assistant at the Upledger Institute. I’ve lectured at UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals annual conference.

Here's what others have said about Anasuya:

A wise woman of rare training, strength and subtlety. Anasuya gives an upgrade to the meaning of “angel". She is kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable about foods, medicines, our bodies, and so many other things! Her hands are magical.
Alice Walker
Alice Walker
Berkeley, CA
Anasuya’s intuitive nature gives her the ability to know exactly what modality my body needs. Her guidance and skill helped me learn how to be more accepting of myself and how to listen to my body, which in turn taught me how to heal myself.
Melinda McNutt
Melinda McNutt
Oakland, CA
Simply being in Anasuya’s presence is healing. She has deep nutritional knowledge, an attention to detail and thoroughness, and a presence that fills you with peace.
Anne Sagendorph-Moon
Anne Sagendorph-Moon
Oakland, CA